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Mercredi 08 septembre 2010

Buy Blahnik Manolo Shoes as a Gift

Did you receive a surprise gift before?Now many of the women like to receive surprise gift,like the fashion designer shoes or beautiful famous bags even expensive jewelry.So,in here,I want to let you know,the Manolo Blahnik shoes become the more famous brand in the world now,so the Manolo Blahnik Shoes are the best choice to buy for your friend as a gift.

Manolo blahnik shoes are unique in style,in color,in comfort and in all the other feature.One of the most groovy issue with manolo sandles is the smartness.In fact,the Blahnik Manolo Shoes has started a new-fangled trend by incorporating charms and flowal on their ankle boots.Undoubtedly that has made their platforms really trendy.Now the girls can actually show off the eveing shoes that they are sliding.

In fact,manolo shoes are the best choice for bride. They are comfortable even wearing them daylong.And if you would like to get your schoolgirl stand apart from the rest in a ceremany, the Manolo Blahnik Shoes are the excellent decision.Though, it will be wrong to presume that the Manolo Blahnik are simply intended for the stylish occassions.Actually, they manufacture many dissimilar styles of shoes.Each of them has its own characteristic and usability.

They will feel very happy when they see the fashion Manolo Shoes.Yes,buying a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes to your wife or your girlfriend, that will make them very happy.They also must be know this blahnik high-heel shoes.If you love your wife or your lover, you must buy the famous designer shoes for them.The Manolo Blahnik shoes stores are scattered throughout the world.If you buy them from one store to another,you maybe feel very tired,now with the technology developing,you can buy the Manolo Blahnik shoes online,it’s save your not only time but also  money.How convenience it is for you,why don’t you choose manolo shoes?



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manolo blahnik shoes

Choosing a quality brand name fitness footwear like  manolo blahnik will prevent you from having to buy many more pairs in the future.In fact,your shoes in  very  important. Also many lady like wearing the manolo blahnik shoes. Wearing Manolo shoes can give you sumptuousness feeling .But still it is a  dream for most of the women who can’t offord it, so you will feel so excited when you get  a cheap pair of  Manolo Blahnik shoes, because much money will  be saved. Now, if you go to Manoloblahnikretail on line shop, you will find blahnik shoes in many styles and colors. As a  matter of fact, blahnik manolo shoes is very practical, stable. women buy their Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes at a special moment, as wedding, birthdays or  important ball.


An astonishing fact about Manolo Blahnik shoes is that Manolo himself is solely responsible for the exotic design of every single pair of the thousands of pairs of shoes that bear his famous name. Manolo does not even have the help of assistants and apprentices.

To master the techniques of his craft, Blahnik spent the most of 1970s and 80s in the best possible shoes factories to work and study them carefully. Manolo also gained a lot of insight into shoe making through his associations and with notable fashion designer Calvin Klein and other young designers like Isaac Mizrahi and John Galliano.

The secret behind the heavenly designs of Manolos high heels shoes for women is his impeccable eye for detail. After making a sketch of his design, Manolo takes up to a day to carve and sculpt the heel and basic shape, and only when he is satisfied, an aluminum mould is made. Once the aluminum mould has been manipulated to perfection, a plastic mould is made from which the shoe will be made. I carve each heel personally myself on the machine and then by hand with a chisel and file, until its exactly right, he once told the media during an interview. Manolo even creates his own advertising campaigns which always feature his drawings.


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